Snow closes down the GWB.

Jon Belmont

Snow blankets NYC, wreaking havoc for commuters

November 15, 2018 - 5:18 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- What a nightmare that was.

The first snowfall of the season made its debut Thursday afternoon, wreaking havoc on roads, train and air travel.

The snow arrived following the issuance by the National Weather Service of a Winter Weather Advisory for the city until 10 p.m. 

Six inches of snow fell in Central Park, according to AccuWeather.

Initially, the forecast called for 1 to three inches in New York City, as well as New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio told 1010 WINS that city was prepared for the snow but the timing of the storm is what caused the traffic issues.  After some commuters spent hours stuck in traffic, de Blasio was hopeful that the rain would help clear up and improve conditions for the Friday morning rush.

When Mayor de Blasio was asked about who should be held accountable for the nightmare commute he said, "Most New Yorkers are less interested in pointing the figure of blame and more interested on how we fix the situation and move forward."

Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis called the city's response, “An utter failure.” She tells 1010 WINS that the Mayor and Commissioner were not prepared for the blast of winter.

Additional NYC Department of Sanitation workers were added Thursday morning ahead of the storm, commissioner Kathryn Garcia told 1010 WINS late Thursday afternoon, adding that as the snow fell, workers were out salting some areas and snow plows had been deployed.

Traffic, however, making clean-up problematic, Garcia said. Friday, she added, will be a gridlock alert day.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who opened the Office of Emergency Management, told 1010 WINS, "This is a heck of a storm." He said accidents had ocurred on I-280 and I-78.

Outside the city, in areas to the west and north, snowfall was expected up to 6 inches, but in New Jersey it could reach 8 inches. 

Warmer air turns it all to rain late Thursday, AccuWeather meteorologists say.

The wet weather continues early Friday, with periods of rain in the city and possibly snow in the suburbs.

Skies will clear up for Saturday, when it will be partly sunny with temps in the upper 40s.