Sen. Charles Schumer

Jasper Colt-USA TODAY

Schumer calls on FDA to publish reports on weed-killing chemicals found in breakfast foods

August 20, 2018 - 7:23 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The Food and Drug Administration believes that a cancer-causing chemical could be turning up in cereal and other breakfast foods and Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to know why the agency is withholding the information.

 “Since 2016, the FDA has been on the job studying it,” Schumer said at a press conference Sunday. “But we need them now, on the record.”

Scientists with the Environmental Working Group announced last week that they had found unacceptable traces of the herbicide in almost in cereal, granola bars and other products made with oats.

“The push to update the public on the study will help tamp down some of the panic and fear that we’ve heard of in the past week,” Schumer said. “But it also, more importantly, will let consumers know what might be dangerous so they can make their own choices quickly.”

The chemical in question is glyphosate and is commonly found in a weed killer called Roundup.

Schumer said the FDA has been testing food samples for the chemical for years, but has been keeping the results of the studies private.

The senator said Americans shouldn’t have to wait any longer for the information.