Rod Rosenstein

Jarrad Henderson-USA TODAY

Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray Get Grilled On Capitol Hill

June 28, 2018 - 11:38 am

WASHINGTON (1010WINS) -- Two Department of Justice officials are testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein and FBI Director Christopher Wray will be asked questions about the DoJ's Inspector General's report into the handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the 2016 election.

In opening remarks, Rosenstein said what he tells Justice Department workers about their duties: "Prepare to face criticism. That's part of the job. But ignore the tyranny of the news cycle. Stick to the rule of the law and make honest decisions that will also withstand fair and objective review."
There's also the belief by House Republicans that the DoJ has been slow to respond to subpoenaes for documents related to FBI actions.

The House is expected to pass a resolution Thursday demanding that the Justice Department fully comply.

Rep. Mark Meadwows, R-N.C., says that if the documents are not turned over by July 6, contempt and impeachment would  be in order.   

According to Democrats, the Republican document fight is an attempt to undermine the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and give President Donald Trump a pretext to fire Rosenstein.