Dylan 'L Banga' Cruz is accused of killing a Long Island member of the Bloods street gang.


Reputed Brooklyn Blood faces federal murder charges in 2012 killing

January 09, 2019 - 3:19 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- An alleged member of the Bloods has been indicted on federal murder charges.

Authorities say Dylan 'L Banga' Cruz, 27, of Brooklyn killed a rival gang member during a dispute with a Long Island gang.

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Cruz faces nine counts including racketeering, murder, armed robbery, and firearm charges, according to an unsealed federal indictment. He's allegedly a member of the Red Lane Gorillas set of Bloods.

Cruz is serving an 8 year sentence for a May 2016, robbery.

"The charges in the indictment reflect the extreme danger Cruz posed to communities on Long Island and in Brooklyn as he allegedly killed a man mistakenly thought to have betrayed a gang member, shot and paralyzed a suspected rival gang member and wounded two bystanders in furtherance of the Bloods’ criminal enterprise." U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said.

Prosecutors say Cruz and fellow gang members fought a violent, 6 year war against a Bloods set known as the 5-9 Brims in Nassau County and Brooklyn. They say he was involved in at least one murder, along with multiple armed robberies and attempted murders.

According to the indictment Cruz was involved in the 2012 murder of Anthony Richard. Prosecutors say he fired 15 shots into Richard's car killing him, and wounding a passenger.

Seperate indictments name other alleged members of the Red Lane Gorillas in similar incidents.