NYPD squad car, file image.

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Relatives of murdered NYPD officers urge parole board to keep killers locked up

October 19, 2018 - 10:10 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Relatives of two NYPD officers who were murdered in the line of duty were offering impact statements at parole hearings on Friday.

In one case; David McLary, Scott Cobb, Todd Scott, and Philip Copeland were paid $8,000 by drug kingpin Pappy Mason to kill 22-year-old police officer Edward Byrne.

The other case involves Anthony Bottom. Bottom was one of three Black Liberation Army members who killed officers Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini in 1971. Piagentini's widow is challenging Bottom's release. Another cop killer Herman Bell was granted parole in April, the third died behind bars.

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Piagentini's wife Diane has been begging the New York State Parole Board to keep her husband's killer behind bars.

“The loss of my Joe has had a devastating impact on my life and that of our two daughters. Time has the ability to erase from the public memory how horrendous the murder of Joe and Waverly was in 1971 but it has not erased that memory from us or from the damage done to our lives," she previously said.

She's been joined in that effort by the PBA.

“I challenge anyone to cite a more horrendous crime than the planned, cold-blooded, sadistic assassinations of Police Officers Piagentini and Jones, the details of which are shocking.  Parole is not supposed to be, and I am quoting the law here, ‘incompatible with the welfare of society’ nor should it ‘deprecate' the seriousness of his crime as to undermine respect for the law.’  And that is exactly what happens when you release cop-killers. It undermines respect for the law and deprecates the seriousness of the crime because killing a police officer is a direct attack on the authority that protects society." PBA President Pat Lynch added.

Piagentini appeared in a campaign ad for GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro. She slammed the policy that resulted in Bell's release.

“It betrays the trust of police families everywhere and devalues the life of my brave husband... Governor Cuomo, my kids and I have lived with the pain every day for over 47 years, and there’s no parole from that.” she said.

Fox News reports Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized the decision to free Bell, but said the panel was not under his control.