Regional HUD director moves into NYCHA housing

February 11, 2019 - 11:24 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The head of the regional HUD office is beginning her stint as a NYCHA tenant Monday, with her first week to be spent at a housing development in the Bronx.

Housing and Urban Development Regional Director Lynne Patton is moving into the Patterson Houses in Mott Haven for a week with a family before staying at other developments across the city.

Patton, who is a critic of Mayor de Blasio and supporter of President Trump, say she wants to experience the conditions firsthand. Her critics say the month-long move is a publicity stunt, but she says it’s about getting results.

Patton says she'll post her daily experiences and photos to her Facebook page.

One tenant, Mona Lisa, was wrapped in blankets in the lobby of her building Monday. She has lived at the Patterson development for 14 years and hopes Patton will see the poor conditions there during her stay.

“I get no water, I get no heat constantly,” Mona Lisa said. “God forgive me, but I hope she really sees what we’re going through, because even animals shouldn’t suffer the way that we’re suffering.”

Matt has lived at the Patterson Houses most of his 32 years and welcomes Patton’s visit.

“She can actually see how we live every single day life here,” he said. “She can actually try to make a difference and let the mayor know, ‘Hey, look these people in these projects needs help.’ Because they treat us like we’re peasants. The animals at the Bronx Zoo get treated better than we do.”

NYCHA has been mired in scandals, including over a lack of heat and lead paint inspections.

Patton was named to her HUD position after serving as an event planner for the family of President Trump.