Overly Dramatic Dog Faints to Avoid Having Nails Clipped

Johnny Lopez
September 13, 2019 - 9:31 am

For your consideration!

A dog has gone viral for putting on quite the acting performance, according to the NY Post.

Twitter user @Rashona posted a clip showing a pit bull patiently sitting while her owner tries to prep her to get her paw clipped.

As the woman gets ready to start trimming, the pup slowly and very dramatically starts to faint and falls gracefully to the side to avoid the doggy manicure.

The video was perfectly captioned, “The Academy Award for best dramatic performance goes to…”

While it may not have won an actual Oscar, the clip has amassed over 481K likes and nearly 140K retweets.

As you can imagine, dog lovers had a lot to say about the pooch’s acting chops.

One user wrote: “That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time...thanks for sharing.”

While another added: “Lmao swear pit bulls have the best personality.”

A third summarized the performance by simply adding: “what a DIVA.”

The memes were even more hysterical.

One person shared a Gif of a  group of dogs cheering for one of their own.

Another took it right to the Academy with a clip of celebrities giving a standing ovation at the Oscars.

The four-legged thespian even scored a perfect score of tens across the board thanks to a clip from the FX series “Pose.”

While the pit bull’s name and owner have not been identified, it’s no question a star has been born!