Port Authority puts Holland Tunnel decorations up for public debate

December 12, 2018 - 7:42 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The squeaky wheel gets the grease -- or as it goes in this case, the guy with the online petition about Christmas decorations at the Holland Tunnel, gets a response.

It turns out the guy dislikes them so much he started an online petition at Change.org to have them removed. The Port Authority responded with an online poll.

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Corey Windelspecht posted before and after pics on Instagram asking people to sign the petition. 

He's going before the Port Authority board Thursday to demand the moving of the Christmas tree that was placed over the N in Holland. He says it belongs over the A because its the same shape as the A. 

WEB EXTRA: Cory Windelspecht talks to 1010 WINS about tunnel decorations

He also doesn't like the wreath placed over the U in tunnel and says it makes it look like "tonnel."

Windelspecht calls it an "OCD nightmare" and said on Change.org, "This one small thing triggers anyone with the slightest hint of OCD every time they enter the city. On top of that, it’s just unsightly and ruins the holiday festivities for people to enjoy on such a great piece of architecture."

"This is the time where ALL PEOPLE should be celebrating and have an opportunity to enjoy the decorations and festivities. This country is divided already, let’s start doing things to bring us back together," Windelspecht added.

The Port Authority has gone so far as to open the debate to the public, offering four different options.

The Port Authority is putting their Holland Tunnel decorations up for public debate.
Port Authority

If you agree with Corey, feel free to sign his petition here