Pablo Villavicencio poses with his wife and 2 daughters outside their Hempstead home.

Carol D'Auria/1010 WINS

Pizza delivery man held by ICE freed, reunited with wife and daughters

July 25, 2018 - 1:31 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- An Ecuadorian immigrant held by ICE for seven weeks is now back with his family on Long Island.

Pablo Villavicencio said the first thing he did when he was released was kiss his wife and daughters. His wife said he also took a shower, which lasted about an hour.

"Thank you everybody for helping for my wife, for my daughter, for my case," he said.

His wife Sandra is an American citizen. She says Pablo feels he was treated unfairly when he was arrested at Fort Hamilton where he had delivered pizza many times before.

"He just was working the day that it happen. He just wants to provide for his family," she said.

Villavicencio does want to go back to work, but has to consult with his lawyer first.

Villavicencio had been told to leave the country in 2010. He agreed, but did not comply.

The judge said that although he is here unlawfully and is the subject of a final order of removal, Villavicencio has otherwise been a model citizen and can remain in the U.S. while his case plays out.