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Drew Angerer

It Looks Like Pabst Whiskey Is Going to Be a Thing Soon

March 11, 2019 - 12:43 pm

For years Pabst Blue Ribbon has been the beer of choice for hipsters who love a cheap drink and…anyone else who also loves a cheap drink. It grew so much that the fizzy, easy drinking brew surged to become a billion dollar company in the mid 2010s. And now, if our eyes don’t deceive us, the PBR brand is planning to expand into the boozier section of the bar.

First reported MiBiz, Pabst is working on a whiskey that will open up the Blue Ribbon label to all those people who don’t think the beer’s 4.7% ABV is quite enough oomph for them.

The existence of the whiskey was discovered when someone found an approved label for it at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Any legally sold alcohol in the United States needs to have a label OK’d by the TTB, usually months before the drink actually comes to market.

The Pabst whiskey label is very much on brand with the reputation PBR has developed in recent decades. It says the contents of the bottle were “aged 5 seconds.” For any of you non-whiskey drinkers out there, legally a bottle of bourbon needs to age two years. Pricier bottles sit in barrels for well over a decade before they’re bottled. A source confirmed to Mike Pomranz over at Food & Wine that whatever Pabst has planned, it is indeed going to be a “white” or unaged whiskey, likely making harsher and sharper than bottles that have had some time to mellow out.

Pabst isn’t actually going to distilling the whiskey all on its own though. It entered into a contract distilling relationship with Holland, Michigan’s New Holland Brewing, best known for its Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrel-aged stout. If there were a beer that is the opposite of PBR, it’s probably that.      

Representatives from Pabst have remained vague about the details, telling MiBiz, “we are just not quite ready yet as several details are still up in the air.” But for fans of the red, white and blue cans, they should soon be able to say, “I’ll have a PBR and a shot of Pabst.”

If you want to see the label in all its glory, check it out over here at the TTB site.