(Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)

PBA Heads To Binding Contract Arbitration With City Of New York

April 04, 2018 - 1:40 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- You may remember the name Kenneth Feinberg. He was the special master deciding compensation from the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund and other high-profile programs.

Now, he'll represent the Patrolman's Benevolent Association in binding arbitration with the city of New York.

"The first day that they take the pledge, the oath, and walk the beat, they make a starting salary of $42,500. Is that possible?" he said.

Feinberg has represented victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

"It is an honor and a privilege to serve the PBA and its members in this vitally important upcoming arbitration.  New York City police officers deserve a fair, impartial and credible arbitration process. They deserve to be compensated fairly and competitively for their work protecting this city. I will do my very best to ensure that the arbitration panel works towards those goals," Feinberg said.

PBA President Patrick Lynch led a demonstration in Brooklyn earlier this week, calling the mayor 'no friend of labor.'

"I think it's insulting that the city's approach is, 'why pay them, they'll work anyway," Lynch said.

Four of the previous six PBA contracts have been decided in arbitration. The PBA contract expired last July.