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Parkinson's Unity Walk 2019 preview: Muhammad Ali's daughter talks to 1010 WINS

April 23, 2019 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Thousands of people are expected to gather this week in the largest single-day grassroots fundraiser for Parkinson's disease research in the United States.

The 25th Parkinson's Unity Walk will take place in Central Park on Saturday, April 27th at 8:30 am.

The purpose of the march is to raise awareness and funds to support research for better treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

1010 WINS' Sharon Barnes-Waters spoke with May May Ali, the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, and Carol Walton the Chief Executive Officer of The Parkinson Alliance.

It’s important that everyone in the family become educated about Parkinson’s Ali said.

May May Ali


May May Ali


“Once our family was informed about what our dad was going through, it made it so much better, and we were always able to assist him, and understand him. That improved just our relationship in general. “

She told Barnes-Waters her dad didn't let Parkinson's dictate his life and the Unity Walk will be empowering.

“There are people who succumb to the depression, they isolate themselves, their pessimistic, the fact that there is no cure makes them down constantly, and they don’t take any of the advice, and you can tell, and I will say if you are that person, come to the American Unity Walk.”

Walton said they are looking at research that could slow or halt the progression of Parkinson's.

“I think the next probably in the next 3-4 years you’re going to see so many things happen when you look at computers and technology and using genetics. I think it’s amazing.”

In addition to raising research funds, Walton said there will be patient resources available at the Unity Walk.

“It’s about raising money for research.  Last year we raised over 1.5 million, and 100 percent went to research but when your there that day it’s about community and about the fact that you’re not alone.”

In addition to the 1.4-mile wheelchair accessible walk route, participants will have opportunities to meet with healthcare experts and learn more about nationally recognized Parkinson’s disease exercise programs, and movement disorders centers.

More information is available on their website at or call (866) 789-9255.

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