Oh Snap! Raven-Symoné Talks New Spinoff & Returning To ‘The View’

August 01, 2017 - 3:38 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Oh snap! Fans have been going crazy over the “That’s So Raven” spinoff “Raven’s Home” and the groundbreaking star of both, Raven-Symoné told “The Trend” about the spinoff and how it came to be.

In “Raven’s Home,” best friends Raven and Chelsea — played by Anneliese van der Pol – are now living and raising their children together as divorced mothers.

“There’s times when we look at each other and we’re like we’re playing adults, we have to get it together. Because we will go right into 15-year-old us in three seconds when we’re together,” she said of working with Anneliese again. “Most of the time it’s nostalgia, because rarely do you get to work with someone that you grew up with on television.”

The takeaway?

“That family can be defined in many different ways, that as long as you work together as a family unit you can accomplish anything, and that you can learn from your kids just as much as your kids can learn from you,” she said. “Just keep an open mind and keep the respect value high.”

Raven also talked about what it was like being a child star and how she’s helping to groom the kids in the cast – starting with, believe it or not, a no-cellphones-on-set policy.

“I don’t think they miss it that much, because we’re engaged in each other, we’re having conversations eye to eye,” she said. “They’re learning a new language, I’m learning their language.”

During the 10-for-10 Challenge, she dished about whether she would ever return to “The View,” and talked about playing the “fart game” (yes, that’s a thing)… but thankfully didn’t play it during her visit.

Don’t miss “Raven’s Home” Fridays at 8 p.m. on the Disney Channel.