Nyashia Ferguson

NYPD won’t discipline cops who pulled baby from mother’s arms

December 17, 2018 - 3:10 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Remember that video showing the NYPD officers forcibly arresting a mother and wrestling her one-year-old out of her arms in the process?

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The department has decided not to discipline them, after looking into what led up to the situation.

Commissioner James O'Neill called the incident chaotic and difficult to watch.

"This incident was chaotic and difficult to watch, and clearly something went wrong.  The NYPD has conducted a strenuous review of what happened, because the public deserves answers, and we must take every opportunity to continuously strengthen how the NYPD serves the people of New York City. This review shows that prior to the incident depicted on public video, NYPD officers are working with the client to de-escalate the situation.  The review also shows that there are policy improvements we can make, both in NYPD procedure and in our coordination with fellow agencies.  Our cops have challenging jobs, and we need to do all we can to ensure they have the tools, policies and support to best serve everyone in our city," he said.

The department said in a statement that HRA personnel escalated the situation.

"The preliminary review finds that the incident was escalated by HRA personnel, and would likely have been avoided without that escalation," the department said.

That's the Human Resources Administration, whose workers had asked the woman to leave the benefits office. a Security guard grabbed her arm and they all fell -- that's where the video starts.

The two HRA officers were suspended without pay, and the NYPD didn't talk to them at the request of the Brooklyn DA's office. Their union is demanding they be reinstated saying the city and mayor have made them sacrificial.