NYPD Commissioner O'Neill defends choice to fire Pantaleo, SBA calls for his resignation, Monahan addresses Pantaleo

Kimberly Dole
August 22, 2019 - 1:35 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Police commissioner O'Neill was on "CBS This Morning" to address his decision to fire the officer involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner in 2014. 

O'Neill felt he was making his own decision and was not influenced by anyone, especially not Mayor de Blasio.

“Our job is to keep everybody in this city safe. My job is to keep all 8.6 million New Yorkers safe, my job is to keep all 36,000 cops safe. The message is that there’s accountability in the NYPD.” Commissioner O'Neill said.

SBA president Ed Mullins, however blasted the NYPD's discplinary process at a news confrence saying "it's a dysfunctional and broken system."

Mullins sought to clarify the disciplinary deal made with Sgt. Kizzy Adonis and her role the day Garner was arrested saying it was not a guilty plea, but a "no contest".  

He believes that Sgt Kizzy Adonis did her job but was just used as pawn in a political game.

Mullins also called for the resignation of Commissioner O'Neill, saying that the department has lost faith in him.

"A lot has gone on over the last week," Chief of Department of the New York Police Department Terence Monahan stated during this week's Compstat meeting. "I know as a result of the Pantaleo decision, there's a hell of a lot of anger and frustration going out through the entire department right now."

Monahan made the comments in response to comments from police union leaders suggesting that police officers not make arrests because their actions could be called into question like Pantaleo's were.

Hesitating during an arrest can be very dangerous, Monahan added. 

"Anyone who's gonna hesitate when they're about to lock up a bad guy is endangering their own lives," Monahan said. "We do not give criminals the upper hand in an arrest situation."

He added that they will now be pushing prosecutors and judges to hold people that assault cops accountable.

"No one is allowed to put hands on a cop and assault a cop. We will be pushing prosecutors and judges to make sure when this happens, that they are held accountable for putting hands on a cop."

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