Demonstration following the death of Eric Garner.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

NYPD Officer Faces Charges In Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death

July 21, 2018 - 2:40 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP) -- The NYPD has officially charged Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who has been blamed in the death of Eric Garner, with violating NYPD rules against using a chokehold to subdue suspects.

A police spokesman says departmental charges were presented to Pantaleo on Friday.

NYPD officials announced earlier this week that they'd start the disciplinary process against Pantaleo in Garner's July 2014 death, which sparked protests about police treatment of black people.

The officials had been waiting to see whether federal prosecutors would bring criminal charges but decided to move forward.

“We want them to move forward expeditiously,” said Gwen Carr, Garner’s mother. “But we have just been left hanging – and we got the sense that nothing was happening. We want all six police officers involved in my son’s murder to be held accountable.”

A police watchdog agency called the Civilian Complaint Review Board will prosecute Pantaleo, 33, who has been on desk duty since the incident.

Pantaleo's lawyer told the Associated Press that he used a takedown move taught by police and expects to be vindicated after trial.