NYC's 10 must-have hot dogs

Libby Cohen
July 01, 2019 - 5:20 pm
New York hot dog

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The 4th of July is about the stars, the stripes -- and most importantly the hot dogs. Thankfully, America's essential Independence Day food can be found right around the corner. We scoured the internet for the 10 best hot dogs in no particular order. 

Nathan's Famous

One of these things is far superior to the other.

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Get the century old dog in various locations in the city or over at the Coney Island hot dog stand. You don't have to enter yourself into a Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest to enjoy the hot dog that has lasted time. 

Katz's Delicatessen

Season’s Greetings from the wonderful world of Katz’s. A magical place where everyone is welcome.---- ❤️#foodie #instafood #instagood #delicious #yummy #yum #foodstagram #love #foodgasm #foodpics #photooftheday #lunch #eat #foodphotography #tasty #fresh #hungry #foodpic #cooking #nyc #newyorkcity #manhattan #holidays #history #art #newyork #lowereastside #instadaily #instagram

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This famous Jewish deli that sits on E. Houston Street is known for its pastrami sandwiches and fast pace, snappy service. But this 4th of July, skip the sandwich and wait in the expectedly long line for a Katz's hot dog. Know for its' juiciness and loads of sauerkraut, dogs are served for $3.95.

Gray Papaya

Or maybe this is more #hella New York? | -- Gray’s Papaya Recession Deal with kraut and mustard, papaya drink not pictured

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Head up to the Upper West Side for a New Jersey made hot dog. The classic skinny dog in a white bun brings customers back over the years even to their new uptown location. Many get the recession special of two dogs and a drinks which stands at $5.95!

Fulton Hot Dog King

Spicy Sausage #fultonmall #brooklyn #hotdog #spicy #newyork #theworks

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Another Brooklyn dog makes our list over at the Fulton Hot Dog King stand. The retro awning and long wrap around counter look straight out of another era but their hot dogs are here to stay. Fulton's savory hot dogs snap in the perfect way while their spicy sausage gives you the perfect amount of kick. Take these dogs to go and head over to the East river for the Macy's firework show at 8 p.m.!

Rudy's Bar and Grill

When your drink comes with free #hotdogs ------ @rudysbarandgrill and it's just pure happiness -- #nyc

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Buy a drink and get a free dog! Rudy's dive bar is famous for their cheap deals and amazing eats. In a city where a drink can be $20, get a break at Rudy's in Hell's Kitchen.


Make sure there’s gas in the tank and grill up some of these bad boys this weekend!#naturalcasing #hannafordfresh #metfood_nostrand_ave #stopandshop #Kings #Balduccis #Bigy #Hannaford #veteranowned #hotdog find Feltman’s at Stop & Shop, Fairway Market, Kings, Balducci’s, Met Foods and many other supermarkets! Visit our website for locations and nationwide shipping. FELTMANSOFCONEYISLAND.COM ------

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Competing with Nathan's for Coney Islands' best hot dog, Feltman's is credited with first bringing the hot dog to the amuzement park. In more recent news, Feltman's cooked up a 66 lbs hot dog to be judged by the Guinness World Record for the worlds largest hot dog. Try a Nathan's dog and Feltman's dog, and let us know which one you like better!

Mile End

It’s #NationalHotDogDay! -- PSA: Unfortunately our Bond Street location is closed currently due to a temporary water outage. Bond will reopen at 5 for normal dinner service. // Hoyt St in #Brooklyn is open all day! Come see us --

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 Mile End is a fushion between Jewish delicatessen and a Canadian-style restaurant. We know it's the 4th but Canada day was a a few days ago so why not pay tribute to our northern neighbors! Get a classic dog with all the original fixins'.

Papaya King

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Digitty Dog! What’s your favorite Signature hot dog? Do you prefer chili & cheese or do you just go kraut & mustard? The toppings are endless at the palace!! Come to the Upper East side on the corner of 86th & 3rd Ave and satisfy your tastebuds! #winning #hotdogs #nycoriginalrecipe #kraut #mustard #onions #relish #slaw #cheese #chili #springiscoming #greenjuice #tropicalfantasy #since1932

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This list would be incomplete without the tropical Papaya King. Serving dogs and fruity drinks didn't feel right until Papaya King did it. Get the juicy snap of an original hot dog or order a speciality frank like the Pig N Da Blanket. The dog is topped with bacon, sautéed peppers, sautéed onions and cheese sauce.....

Crif Dogs

Don't know what to get? Make your own! Taylor ham wrapped dog created by one of our cooks, Aaron! #crifdogs #hotdogs #diy #NYC #Brooklyn #eastvillage #Williamsburg #hungry #eats #foodporn #create #toppingsgalore

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Vegetarian? Don't get the meat sweats. You can still celebrate the 4th by substituting any Crif Dog with a veggie dog. These dogs are deep fried - the American way.

Street Dogs

Street New York hotdog ❤️-- #hotdog #streethotdogs #newyork #manhattan #newyorkcity #food #photography #photoshoot #photographer #downtown #street

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Even with all the gourmet hot dogs these days, there is always a place in our hearts for the classic dog from the corner cart. Ranging from around $2 to $3, you barely have to leave your block to celebrate the holiday with a hot dog.

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