Capitol Hill


NYC-area lawmakers blast new GOP tax bill as 'anti-NY'

September 28, 2018 - 4:39 pm

WASHINGTON (1010 WINS/AP) -- Several GOP congressmen from New York are pushing back against a new tax bill passed by the House, calling the legislation “wrong” and saying it enriches other states “at the expense of New York taxpayers.”

Reps. Pete King, Dan Donovan and Lee Zeldin released a statement shortly after their fellow Republicans hurried the tax legislation through the House on Friday. The bill would expand the party’s massive tax law, making the individual and small-business tax cuts in the law permanent.

In a short press release, the three congressmen called the bill “anti-NY tax legislation” that is “wrong and irresponsible.”

“This legislation unfairly targets our hardworking constituents while subsidizing most of the rest of the country,” the statement read.

The statement went on to say that: "We have had enough of other states being enriched at the expense of New York taxpayers who are once again being victimized on the altar of political gamesmanship and expediency."

Friday's vote was 220-191 in the Republican-led House to approve the legislation. It's the second tax-cut proposal that Republican leaders have pushed in less than a year. The vote was mostly along party lines. Democrats continued their solid opposition to tax-cut legislation, asserting it favors corporations and wealthy individuals over middle-income Americans.

The GOP lawmakers are pushing to hold onto their seats in relatively affluent suburban districts where President Donald Trump is unpopular. Residents in those states could see substantial increases in their federal tax bills next spring because of the $10,000 cap on state and local deductions in the tax law. The new legislation would make the cap permanent.

Prospects for the legislation in the Senate are weak, given the slim Republican majority and concern over the potential for further blowing up the deficit with new tax cuts — without corresponding new revenue sources.