Apr 17, 2018; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Photo from a Twitter post by Joe Marcus (@joeasaprap) on April 17, 2018 showing what appears to be the damaged engine on a Southwest Airlines airplane with a caption reading: \"What a flight! Made it!! Still here!!


NTSB Eyes Broken Fan Blade In Deadly Southwest Airlines Accident

April 18, 2018 - 7:30 am

PHILADELPHIA (1010 WINS) -- A Southwest Airlines flight from LaGuardia to Dallas only made it as far as Philadelphia on Wednesday, and one of the passengers didn't even make it that far.

A part of one of the engines blew off and smashed through a window -- a female passenger was sucked halfway out. She was pulled back in by fellow passengers, but did not survive. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia, after terrifying moments on board, but passengers said the pilot did a great job.

"The pilot was a veteran of the Navy, she had 32 years in, a woman, and she was very good," she said.

As to what went wrong -- NTSB Chairman Robert Zumwalt thinks they know.

"This fan blade was broken right at the hub, and our preliminary examination of this was that there's evidence of metal fatigue where the blade separated," he said.

Southwest is speeding up inspections of engines like the one that failed. After 9 years without a fatal incident aboard a domestic flight, passengers are being reminded that things can still go wrong in the air.

Southwest said they will speed up inspections like the one that exploded on flight 1380. Jennifer Reardon, 43, of Albuquerque died. Passengers were yelling and screaming, one of them was Peggy Phillips, she tried to help save Reardon.

"We did CPR on this lady who actually had, the suction from the plane, the window had broken and the suction, negative pressure had pulled her out of the plane partially," she said.

Amanda Boreman and her husband held hands and prayed.

"You just, you instantly think this is going to be it, this is your last moment, you're going to die," she said.