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Nixon faces steep uphill climb in primary battle with Cuomo

September 12, 2018 - 10:20 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Today is the last chance for New York politicians to make their case. Thursday is the state primary.

Two of the biggest races for democrats to consider are for governor and attorney general.

Polls show a tight race for the AG nomination, but a steep uphill climb for Gov. Andrew Cuomo's challenger.

At the first of five campaign stops she was planning to make on Wednesday, Cynthia Nixon was greeting straphangers at 110th and Broadway.

She insists that polls are wrong and that she has the momentum heading into primary day.

"I certainly do, I felt it upstate when we visited six cities, I feel on the streets of New York, I feel it on the subway. People are coming up to me and saying, 'I'm voting for you on Thursday, I'm so excited," she said.

Nixon told voters she's the clear choice and that Cuomo is the king of bungling things.