Staten Island councilmember wants borough to explore seceding from New York City

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November 08, 2019 - 1:39 pm

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A city council member from Staten Island plans to introduce legislation that would explore the possibility of the borough seceding from New York City, according to the Staten Island Advance

Republican Joe Borelli, who represents the South Shore of Staten Island, said that he wanted to bring more power to the borough, rather than having so much controlled by the mayor. "The city is 8.5 million people, we have a population the size of Austria, we have a budget the size of Ireland, we have more police officers in uniform then there are people in the entire Royal Navy … all of this stuff is governed by one human," he told The Advance.

Borelli says he will intrdouce two piece of legislation at the city council, according the The Advance. One will study the format and cost of a government if the island were to secede, while the other would study whether county governments can be formed within New York City.

Staten Island previoulsy began the process to secede in 1989 but the move failed in Albany. 

Secession could possibly bring changes to the Staten Island Ferry, which is owned and operated by the city's Department of Transportation and is currently free. Borelli told The Advance that borough may have to start charging riders, subsidizing the ferry on its own, or make a deal the city.