Credit: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AFP-Pool Photo via USA TODAY

One Juror Seated For Bill Cosby Retrial

April 02, 2018 - 7:45 pm

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (1010 WINS) -- One juror was seated Monday in the sex assault retrial for Bill Cosby.

It seems clear that jury selection is going to take a while, Steve Kastenbaum reported. The prosecution and the defense started interviewing 120 people in a jury pool at Montgomery County Court.

All but one prospective juror said they had seen or heard something about the #MeToo movement. The defense is concerned that the current environment will prejudice them against Cosby.

More than half of the potential jurors said they had already formed an opinion about Cosby’s guilt or innocence. Only 10 said they had no knowledge of the case.

The first juror selected to serve on the trial was a white male in his 20s, who said he had not heard  about the allegations.

Ninety people were dismissed.

Prosecutors want to call more than a dozen Cosby accusers as witnesses to show that a pattern of sexual assault led to his encounter with Andrea Constand.

The defense has said some of the allegations from other women are unsubstantiated.

The 80-year-old comedian has been accused of giving Constand, a former Temple University employee, drugs and then sexually assaulting her in 2004.

Defense attorneys argued that the sexual contact was part of a consenting relationship between the two.