Bagelgate: De Blasio's toasted bagel tweet irks New Yorkers

Billie Rama
January 16, 2020 - 7:55 am

iStock/Getty Images


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Say what, mayor?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has done a number things to anger New Yorkers during his time in office, but this takes teh cream cheese.

On National Bagel Day Wednesday, de Blasio proudly proclaimed on Twitter that his favorite bagel comes from the Bagel Hole bakery in Park Slope.

It's whole wheat with extra cream cheese TOASTED.

Yes, toasted. Which is kind of peculiar, because according to a Bagel Hole employee, they don't have a toaster.

"We don't toast our bagels because they come fresh out of the oven so they're already hot," the worker said. "We are confident in our bagels so we don't need a toaster for that."

New Yorkers weighed in on the "bagel gate" controversy confirming what we already knew: That's not how we do things around here.

"You're not supposed to get your bagel toasted," one man said.

"Why is he going there if he wants his bagels toasted?," a woman asked. "He's got to go somewhere else."

De Blasio deleted the original tweet that set off the controversy and replaced it with a version that made no referencing to toasting.

And there's that time the mayor cut his pizza with a fork and knife, prompting some at the time to say the mayor's not a real New Yorker.

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