Al Jones

Brooklyn Banquet Hall Owner Takes Heat For Agreeing To Host Gun Club Fundraiser

March 19, 2018 - 9:25 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A Brooklyn venue is taking heat after agreeing to host a fundraiser for a gun club.

When he agreed to allow the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA to have their annual fundraiser at his Grand Prospect Hall, Michael Halkias had no idea that it would cause such as fuss.

“Always take care of not-for-profit organizations – churches, schools, et cetera – so I thought I could be helpful – only to realize that the reality is a little bit different,” Halkias said.

Local schools and politicians have all urged Halkias to reconsider.

“The fact is that I made the contract. If I cancel the contract, they can take me to court,” he said.

Still, he is considering backing out.

“I want to make everybody happy, but it’s rather difficult,” Halkias said.

Halkias said he will soon make a final decision.

The New York Daily News reported the annual fundraiser had been scheduled to be held at Gariulio’s Restaurant in Coney Island, Brooklyn, but was canceled after the Parkland, Florida school massacre. It was later rescheduled for the Grand Prospect Hall, the newspaper reported.