New York leads the country in deadly, drug-resistant superbug

Mike Montone
April 08, 2019 - 9:56 am



NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New York state is America's leader in candida auris -- and that's not good.

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It's a very drug-resistant yeast fungus which can be fatal to those who contract it. The greatest risk is to people who are hospitalized for extended periods.

"This microbe, candida auris, is resistant to the typical cleaning agents that hospital and health care facilities often use. So if we don't change the way we clean rooms then the candida will hang out there, and could potentially infect the next person that enters the room," Dr. Todd Ellerin explained.

There have been 587 cases reported nationwide since the end of February. More than half have been in New York state with most of those found in the city. An elderly man died last May at Mt. Sinai's Brooklyn branch after testing positive for the fungus. Candida auris has also been reported in the U.K. and Venezuela.

The superbug can kill in 90 days.

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