Farbizio Stabile, an avid outdoorsman, was killed by an apparent run-in with brain eating ameoba.


New Jersey surfer dies from rare brain-eating amoeba

October 01, 2018 - 11:06 am

VENTNOR, NJ (1010 WINS) -- An Atlantic County man has died from a rare disease.

Authorities think his death may have something to do with conditions at a water park he visited in Waco, Texas.

BSR Cable Park boasts water slides, artificial surf waves, and cable and pulley water ski features, the resort attracts water enthusiasts from around the world.

Fabrizio Stabile visited the park this summer and then died from Naegleria fowleri upon returning to New Jersey. The so-called brain eating amoeba are found in warm, fresh water. The disease they carry is extremely rare, but almost universally fatal.

Stabile was, "tested for a multitude of illnesses caused by various bacteria and viruses, but the results were coming back negative or inconclusive," a GoFundMe page said.

Stabile finally tested positive on September 20, the day before he died. The diagnosis came too late for Stabile to receive a potentially life-saving drug which had been provided to three of the five known survivors in North America. He was initially treated for symptoms of meningitis.

An obituary for Stabile describes him as an 'avid outdoorsman' who loved snowboarding and surfing. He had a passion for the outdoors that led him to work for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Bass Pro Shops.

Federal health officials are testing water at the resort and hope to have results back this week.