Rough surf along the Jersey shore.


Murphy Snuffs Out Smoking On New Jersey Beaches

July 20, 2018 - 2:53 pm

TRENTON, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- If you've been trying to quit smoking, maybe a trip to the Jersey Shore will help you snuff out the habit.

Gov. Phil Murphy says no more butts on the beach.

"By this time next year the only smell most New Jersey beachgoers will be enjoying will be the scent of salt air, and maybe the aroma some grilled sausage, French fires, funnel cakes, wafting off the boardwalk. These are the smells from which Jersey Shore memories are made, not cigarette smoke," Murphy said.

Right now there are designated smoking sections, but when that changes lighting up on the sand will cost you at least $250. Do it again and it'll cost even more.

Local communities can opt out and set aside a small smoking section.