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WATCH: Mysterious ‘meteor’ over LA turns out to be flying humans

March 21, 2019 - 12:31 pm

LOS ANGELES (1010 WINS) – What appeared to be a meteor soaring over the sky above Los Angeles turned out to be a pair of base jumpers on a film shoot.

Confused onlookers posted videos of a fireball whizzing over downtown LA at sunset Wednesday.

“What is this flying item on fire above downtown Los Angeles?” Dennis Hegstad tweeted, along with video of the trail of flames.

A tweet by Jeremiah Davis illuminated what the mysterious object was – two base jumpers emitting a streak of sparks.

The LAPD released a PSA on Twitter: “A meteor did not crash into Downtown Los Angeles, and no, it's not an alien invasion...just a film shoot.”

Red Bull tweeted Thursday that it was in fact Red Bull Air Force celebrating a supermoon that was glowing on the first night of spring.