Plastic straws may be a thing of the past.


McDonald's Rolls Out Paper Straws To Reduce Plastic Pollution

June 15, 2018 - 11:44 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — It's the final straw for plastic. At least at McDonald's restaurants in the UK, anyway.

"You asked, we listened," the McDonald's UK Twitter account posted on Friday. "Paper straws will be rolling out to all UK restaurants from this September!"

In addition to making the change to the 1,361 restaurants in the UK and Ireland, the fast-food chain also announced that an alternative to plastic straws will be tested at some US locations later this year.

McDonald's Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Sustainability Francesca DeBias said that McDonald's is committed to creating the best experience for customers while still being aware of the environment. Many environmental activists advocate against plastic straws because they can end up in the ocean and hurt sea animals, like the sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck up its nose who went viral in 2015.

New Yorkers have seen sustainability efforts like this before. In May, a bill was brought to the City Council proposing the elimination of plastic straws at places that sell food, which came in light of other proposals to ban plastic bags in the state and plastic bottles in city parks.