Bill de Blasio


Mayor De Blasio Calls For More Speed Cameras In Front Of Schools

June 24, 2018 - 2:10 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke in support of safety cameras in front of schools at a rally in Union Square Park Sunday.

The Mayor commended the State Assembly for voting in support of renewing and expanding the program and said it’s time for the republican majority in the State Senate to stop dragging their feet and do the same.

“People who we elect to protect us are putting politics ahead of the safety of our children,” de Blasio said.

He told the crowd that the senate believes they have all summer to figure this out, but without their approval, the cameras will be turned off on July 25 and many children attending summer school will be at risk.

“We need these cameras on all summer to protect so many kids who go to summer school and we need them back on for the school year when, literally, tens of thousands of lives are on the line,” de Blasio explained.

Mayor de Blasio said that since the cameras were introduced, speeding was down by over 60 percent and that injuries are down by 17 percent while deaths around school zones had dropped 55 percent.

He elaborated saying stop signs and traffic lights don’t have the same effect and reminded the crowd that when drivers in New York City see yellow lights, they often speed up.

De Blasio spoke directly to the State Senate, saying: “Go back to Albany and do your job.”