Man beaten by cops brags about history of suing NYPD

January 10, 2019 - 9:53 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New video shows one of the men beaten by police in Washington Heights this week, bragging that they can't mess with him because he already has lawsuits against the police.

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The two men -- identified as Aaron Grissom, 36, and Sidney Williams, 37 -- were approached by the officers after harassing commuters on the stairs of the 168th Street subway station in Washington Heights.

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Grissom and William left the station when police arrived, but they got into the scuffle with officers outside on the street.

In the video, posted to Instagram, the officers are seen hitting one of the men with a baton. A second man is then seen charging one of the officers. They then end up on the ground. Other offices are then seen arriving hitting the man multiple times with a baton.

But before the video began recording, Grissom swung at one of the police officers, officials said.

“Once again, we are seeing the consequences of lax policies that have allowed a lawless atmosphere to flourish in the subways, endangering both commuters and the cops who respond to protect them." PBA President Pat Lynch said.

After viewing two cops swinging their batons to beat down two men outside of a subway station, Mayor Bill de Blasio called the images troubling.

"If people are on the ground and yet there's still physical action being taken, that concerns me," he said.

What may now concern internal affairs is another video shot before the subway station confrontation and obtained by 1010 WINS in which Williams talks about his ability to provoke police for a pay day in court.

"I got three lawsuits, workin' on number 4," he says.

PBA President Pat Lynch says the videotaped clash with cops was staged.

"What the video doesn’t show is that these perps — one of whom has been previously arrested for assaulting a police officer — threw a haymaker at the cops once they got above ground, necessitating the use of force to bring them into custody. The predictable rush to judgment based on a partial video will once again obscure the larger issue: the chaos that our city’s leaders have decided to permit in the transit system is now bubbling up onto the streets,” he said.

Both Williams and Geirssom long criminal histories.