(California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via AP)

Lyle Menendez Recalls Reunion With Brother Decades After Murdering Parents

April 26, 2018 - 1:04 pm

LOS ANGELES (1010 WINS) -- Lyle Menendez, one of the two California brothers convicted in the 1989 murders of their parents, spoke to a reporter for the first time since reuniting with his brother.

Menendez spoke to Daily Mail TV after seeing his brother Erik for the first time in 22 years.

Lyle called it "a remarkable moment." He said it was one he thought might never happen.

Lyle, then 21, and Erik, then 18, shot their parents to death in 1989, inside their Beverly Hills mansion.

Lyle said he regrets at least one decision his brother made.

"I wish that he had just talked to me, or you know, spent more time going to his parish priest, and not ended up in, sort of this therapist's hands," he said.

Erik confessed to the murders during a therapy session. The doctor-patient privilege was voided after Lyle threatened the doctor's life.

During their trial, the defense claimed that the Menendez brothers had acted in self-defense after years of abuse.