busy nyc polling location


Long lines, broken machines reported at NYC polling stations

November 06, 2018 - 12:20 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- People are heading out to vote across the five boroughs today, but many of them have faced long lines and broken voting machines at polling places.

Voters took to Twitter to report their issues casting ballots. They also posted photos showing busy polling stations with winding lines. Some said hundreds of people were waiting to use one machine. 

One of the tweets was from Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams. In the tweet, he said only one of four scanners was working at P.S. 208 in East Flatbush.

“Voters please stay even through the frustration. EVERY one of your votes are needed,” he wrote.

Eugene Resnick, who is the deputy communications director for Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, also said he was experiencing problems voting in north Greenpoint.

“Apparently only ONE MACHINE is working here in north #Greenpoint!” Resnick tweeted. “The others broke down. Over 100 people waiting in line @BOENYC, this is ridiculous!”

Meanwhile, Barry Hott tweeted that all scanners were broken at P.S. 22 on Staten Island, and JJ Noonan tweeted that it was taking almost two hours to vote in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, because of broken scanners.

“Many ppl leaving w/o voting,” Noonan wrote.

In the Bronx, Thomas Williams tweeted that there were long lines because only one ballot machine was working at P.S. 103.

The Board of Elections says technicians have been dispatched to polling places experiencing problems.

Board of Elections spokesman John Zaccone told CBS 2 that people's rainy clothing may be getting ballots wet, which could be causing problems as well. He said it also may be an issue with the ballots themselves.

"We have a two-page ballot for the first time in the history of the City of New York. We're not seeing a higher percentage necessarily of ballot jams, but in the aggregate when you have higher turnout and you have more paper passing through the system, you're going to have some issues," Zaccone said. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio took to Twitter to encourage voters to stay in line and cast their ballot. 

"To everyone waiting in line to vote because of a broken scanner or other problems, your voice matters," the mayor wrote. "And let’s once and for all get true Board of Elections reforms like early voting so this never happens again. NYC deserves so much better."

NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson also said wet ballots were causing scanners to malfunction at his poll site on West 13th Street. 

"All scanners are down except one," Johnson wrote. "This is a predictable problem we MUST fix and plan for next time!"


The nonpartisan voter engagment campaign NYC Votes encouraged voters to call 866-OUR VOTE to get help if they encountered problems.