A student doing homework.


Long Beach School Officials Cancel Homework For Elementary School Students

June 07, 2018 - 4:17 pm

LONG BEACH, N.Y. (1010 WINS) -- Kids from all over the world will be trying to get their parents to move to Long Island.

That's because school officials in Long Beach have cancelled homework for elementary school students for all of next year.

In making the move, they're pointing to studies that say homework doesn't do much for students in lower grades.

They'll instead be encouraging families to read more with their children at home.

West School is one of the schools in Long Beach cancelling homework. 1010 WNS' Carol D'Auria spoke with some parents who are in support of the decision and some against.

One father said he really isn't thrilled because the little bit of homework the kids were getting provided the structure that they need, D'Auria reported.

Another parent who is a college professor who has two chidldren in the elementary school is happy with the decison and said homework really become an afterthought. Kids would do their homework in the morning before they left for school since they were too busy to do it after school because of soccer games, piano lessons, etc., and homework was something many kids were too tired to do -- especially when they had to read at night, D'Auria reported.

But not all parents are on board with the decision. Some have posted to Facebook saying it would have been nice if the school had consulted with them beforehand, but there was no public discussion before the decsion was made.