NYC, Long Island lawmakers propose state legislation to ban cigarette filters

David Caplan
January 16, 2020 - 6:53 pm



NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A group of state lawmakers want you to butt out. 

The group, including Sen. Todd Kaminsky from Nassau County and Sen. Liz Krueger of Manhattan, want to ban cigarette filters -- aka butts -- as well as single-use electronic cigarettes. 

The proposed Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Act would ban the sale of filtered cigarettes, attachable single-use filters, and single use e-cigarettes, starting in 2022.

"Cigarette butts are everywhere — littering our streets, our parks, and our waterways, and spreading plastic pollution and toxic chemicals into our environment and our food supply,” Krueger said.

According to Krueger, despite what many people believe, cigarette filters do not improve the safety or healthfulness of cigarettes. In fact, research indicates that filters likely increase the negative public health effects of cigarettes. 

Kaminsky said, "Big Tobacco has spent decades misleading the public about the health benefits of filters in cigarettes. Not only do these products fail to protect smokers but they also produce massive amounts of pollution and garbage."

The proposed legislation was also welcomed by Beyong Plastics, which advocates banning single-use plastics. 

"We're grateful to leaders @LizKrueger @toddkaminsky & @EllenCJaffee for introducing the Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Act, S.7259 to prohibit the sale of #singleuse e-cigarettes & cigs w/ plastic filters (butts). #plasticpollutes #refusesingleuse #ewaste," the group tweeted.