Larry's Blog: Hair care entrepreneur Miko Branch

Larry C. Mullins
January 28, 2019 - 4:31 pm

For a guy who has absolutely, positively, not a trace of hair... I can tell you everything you need to know about hair care, texture and conditioning. It’s all thanks to my new friend, Ms. Miko Branch, who stopped by the studio today. Her grandmother (Jessie Mae Branch) is the inspiration behind Miko (and her late sister Titi’s) idea… for the popular “Miss Jessie’s” Natural Hair Care line of products.

Big Mama used to help with the Branch Sister’s hair (born to a Black father and an Asian mother), which made for some pretty tight curls. Okay, I’ll call it what it is: Oft-referred to as “thick and kinky.” And no one knew what to do with it! Miko tells me that Big Mama would go in the kitchen and whip up a hair conditioner and softener using molasses, a little egg, mayo (and whatever else came to mind) to create these wonderful hair care products.

Miko and Titi Branch
Miko Branch

Well the sisters would some day use it a springboard to help others with difficult hair textures—creating products with names like Buttercream Curls, which they would later market in their Brooklyn hair salon. Well fast forward (after a few failures here in and there), and they got that call from Target stores, and as they say, “the rest is history.” Miss Jessie’s is now a household name… used by ALL ethnicities blessed with tight, curly hair.

I was really moved at how much the spirit of her grandmother (Jessie Mae Branch) still inspires Miko… and how she also describes each product as having the touch of her late sister (and co-founder Titi) still in the process. Titi died several years ago. I too was close to my mother and father, and a lot of what I do to this day is inspired by them (except when I act the fool on the radio every now and then --). That part is on me.  

But you can see the love in the products put out by Miss Jessie’s. I have a niece who knew instantly who Miko was (when I mentioned it to her) because she uses Miss Jessie’s products (she has that thick curly hair too). And actually, so did I (see picture inset). The really neat part is that Miss Jessie’s is a Brooklyn born product, with nationwide cred. And it’s always good to know that two city girls not only created a “must have” product for an entire generation of women, but also inspires a generation of young women to reach for the stars.

As for me… I’ve been inspired to grow all my hair back, just so I can test out Miss Jessie’s. Godspeed Miko!! (..and thanks for the autographed book you left for my niece… I’m now a hero uncle)!!

Larry Mullins retro
Larry Mullins