Kellyanne Conway

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m a victim of sexual assault’

September 30, 2018 - 12:20 pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. (1010 WINS/AP) -- Kellyanne Conway revealed she’s a victim of sexual assault during an interview Sunday.

Conway, who is counselor to President Trump, was on CNN’s “State of the Union” when she made the disclosure.

“I feel very empathetic frankly for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment and rape,” she said. “I’m a victim of sexual assault.”

She said she believes victims should be heard but that it was a “huge mistake” to treat victims and perpetrators differently “based on their politics and based on their gender.”

“I don’t expect Judge Kavanaugh, or Jake Tapper, or Jeff Flake or anybody to be held responsible for that,” she said of her sexual assault. “You have to be responsible for your own conduct.”

Conway defended Kavanaugh and Trump during the interview and decried the “raw, partisan politics” swirling around the Supreme Court nomination.

Senior Trump administration officials insisted Sunday that the White House is not "micromanaging" a new FBI background check of Kavanaugh, claiming the probe is a Senate process and that lawmakers are the only ones dictating its parameters.

Trump initially opposed such an investigation in the face of sexual misconduct claims against Kavanaugh, but the president and Senate Republican leaders agreed to an inquiry after GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona made clear he would not vote to confirm Kavanaugh without one.