Jury mulls fate of man accused in Karina Vetrano murder

November 20, 2018 - 9:14 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Jury deliberations were set to resume Tuesday, in the trial of Chanel Lewis, the accused killer of Karina Vetrano.

In closing arguments the prosecution described the 22-year-old Lewis as a loner, a perpetually angry man with no girlfriend and no job who took out his anger and sexual frustration on Vetrano -- attacking her as she was jogging in Howard Beach.

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The defense argued that the crime scene was corrupted and that the DNA evidence in the case was suspect. Lewis' attorney called just one witness in the case, investigator Jennifer Burke who spent less than 10 minutes on the stand answering questions about visiting the crime scene.

Lewis' attorney argued that evidence was not handled properly, and that a necklace and earbuds that were removed from the scene were not entered into evidence for weeks after the crime.

“What is at issue here is whether police arrested the person responsible,” his lawyer said.

Lewis confessed to the murder on camera, telling police he was upset with a neighbor and 'just lost it' when he came across Vetrano.

“This girl jogging… And you know, one thing led to another,” he told investigators. “Hitting her and stuff like that.”

His lawyer said the confession was coerced during a lengthy, isolated interrogation.

CBS2 reports, the prosecution did present evidence linking Lewis to DNA found on Vetrano.

Lewis faces life in prison if convicted.