Juliet Papa

John J. Gotti, Grandson Of Late Gambino Boss, Gets 5 Years For Firebombing

March 14, 2018 - 2:40 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- John J. Gotti, the 24-year-old grandson of late Gambino crime boss John Gotti, was sentenced Wednesday in Brooklyn, after pleading guilty to an arson charge.

Gotti was sentenced to 5 years for firebombing a man's car as revenge for a road rage incident in Queens involving reputed mobster Vincent Asaro.

The FBI says Asaro had enlisted Gotti to firebomb a man's car in revenge for the traffic dispute.

Asaro was sentenced to 8 years back in December.

The elderly Asaro had previously been acquitted in the Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport which was depicted in the movie Goodfellas.

The New York Post reported, Gotti apologized to his family and the court, saying he had been selfish and wasted taxpayer dollars. He added that he looked forward to turning his life around.

Prosecutors pushed back against a leniency request by Gotti's attorney, saying the admitted firebomber had been attempting to 'ingratiate himself with a well-known criminal,' the Post reported.

Gotti had previously been given an 8 year sentence after pleading guilty to selling drugs in his Queens neighborhood. He had been recorded claiming he had sold in excess of 4,200 pills a month and boasted that his drug business was bringing in $1.6-million a year, NBC New York reported.