Joe Namath opens up about addiction, weighs in on Jets 2019 hopes with 1010 WINS

Marc Ernay
May 17, 2019 - 1:06 pm
 Joe Namath speaks during a Super Bowl III 50th Anniversary celebration during halftime of the game between the New York Jets and the Indianapolis Colts at MetLife Stadium on October 14, 2018 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New York Jets legend Joe Namath is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his Super Bowl guarantee with the release of his new memoir.

All the Way: My Life in Four Quarters will cover the Jets' 1969 Super Bowl win over the Baltimore Colts, but it will also focus on his struggles with injury and addiction, his marriage, and journey to find purpose.


On Friday, Namath spoke 1010 WINS' Sports Director Marc Ernay about his book, the Jets' upcoming season, and team's future after the firing of General Manager Mike Maccagnan.

He says the idea for the book came from a publisher with Little Brown.

"I said, 'wow' if these guys think that this story would be worthy, that folks would be interested in it. I was flattered that they wanted me to work with them," he said.

Namath called the memoir a 'team effort, kinda like life.'

Joe Namath speaks with 1010 WINS
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It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Broadway Joe, the book discusses his recurring battles with alcohol.

"Back in let's say 86 or so, whenever it was first brought to my attention that I might have a problem, that was difficult accepting, and I didn't accept it initially. And after I failed to convince the person that thought I should get help, I did reach out for help," he said. "And then after 13-and-a-half years, I found an excuse to go back to drinking, and I did that for like 2-and-a-half to three years."

He stopped again after another incident made him reevaluate his life. Since giving up drinking, Namath says he feels good, even if he can still feel life's bumps and bruises.

"I do have some problems, minor problems. I see people every day who have bigger problems than I have physically," he said. "My aches and pains are just joints and football relates things. The organs are good and my outlook is good for the most part."

On the 50th anniversary of the Jets' Super Bowl win, Namath says he hopes the team's championship drought will end this season.

"It's tough, you've gotta get the people together to do it. I'm looking positively towards this season, towards the potential for this team. We do have a quarterback that was drafted last season in Darnold that the teammates feel good about, the coaches feel good about, and the fans feel good about Sam," he said.

He said the players' performance will be a reflection of their leadership, which has changed with the firing of Mike Maccagnan.

"Christopher Johnson made the decision, I like the way he explained some things. You can't please everybody all the time," he said.

He said no one wants to win a championship more than Johnson, the coaching staff, and the guys on the team.

So with the job open, would Joe answer the call?

"No, I would help Christopher and the Jets anyway I can, but that takes a passion, that takes a commitment of time and effort to where you're almost consumed with the situation. Most of the coaches and general managers are consumed with that effort that they have to give. At this stage of life I have grandchildren and family that I want to spend time with," he said.

Namath will speak with ESPN's Mike Greenberg at the 92nd Street Y on Tuesday, May, 21 at 7 p.m.

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