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Isn't It Bromantic? 'The House Of Tomorrow' Stars Asa Butterfield & Alex Wolff Are Obsessed With ... Each Other

April 18, 2018 - 4:29 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Actors Asa Butterfield and Alex Wolff didn't know each other before the filming The House of Tomorrow, but good luck now trying to split them apart.

"He's literally like the best friend I've ever had," Wolff told Rebecca Granet on The Trend. "We're obsessed with each other."

The pair first met over FaceTime a few days before meeting on set, but quickly formed a bond while shooting their scenes.

"It was such an intense 18-day shoot which is tiny... like tiny, tiny budget," Butterfield said. "Everyday we had like a lot to do which really kind of pulls everyone together and everyone pulls their weight."

"A lot of the movie is just like me and Asa talking," Wolff interjected.

"We had to form a friendship but actually it just naturally happened. Even though we knew we had to, it actually just happened because we were so, just drawn to each other as people."

Sometimes art imitates life, and in this case, their characters are drawn to each other as well.

In The House of Tomorrow, Sebastian, played by Asa, finds himself in a tough spot when his Nana suffers a stroke. While trying to figure it all out, he quickly finds comfort through music with the help of Jared, played by Alex.

"All the music in the movie is completely live, and we played it on the day, live," Wolff said.  

"It's not like we went and overdubs. We didn't have any other musicians. No one came in to teach us. I taught him bass."

You can see the two rock out in The House of Tomorrow and catch a Trend freestyle in the video above.