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Hundreds show up for Holocaust survivor’s funeral after rabbi’s plea

February 10, 2019 - 1:08 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – A rabbi in Toronto turned to Facebook to make sure the funeral of a Holocaust survivor would not go unattended – and the response was overwhelming.

Eddie Ford died of cancer on Jan. 29. The 85-year-old was survived only by a nephew in Detroit.

Afraid no one would show up for the funeral, Rabbi Zale Newman went on Facebook and put out a plea for at least 10 people to come to the service so they would have a minyan – the number of people required to perform a Jewish funeral.

The rabbi received only three replies, but when he arrived at the cemetery, there were about 200 people there.

They’d shown up despite the frigid polar vortex in Toronto. Among them was Ford’s long-lost brother.

Rabbi Newman said Ford did not leave the world alone but with his brother, nephew and hundreds of members of the Jewish family.

The rabbi said Ford's funeral illustrates that he was a vehicle for goodness and inspiration.

On Facebook after the funeral, Newman wrote: "I am in tears just thinking about how humbling and awesome it is to be part of the Jewish People who on very short notice; would drop everything, leave whatever they were planning on doing, drive (a) long distance, to stand outside in a open field, on a super freezing, blowing, windy day to escort a sweet, little Jew from Budapest, who was unknown to almost all them, on his final journey."