Universe in order: Holland Tunnel wreaths rearranged after unprecedented response

December 18, 2018 - 7:21 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – In a victory for those with OCD, the unnerving holiday on the Holland Tunnel decorations were rearranged Monday night so they’re congruent with the letters they cover.

The triangular Christmas tree wreath used to cover the “N” in “Tunnel,” and that was driving some drivers to distraction.

Corey Windelspecht said the circular wreath over the “U” in “Tunnel” was also triggering his OCD. He started an online petition that led to a Port Authority poll in which more than 20,000 people participated.

More than 80 percent of those surveyed wanted a change to be made.

The universe was in order Tuesday, with the triangular tree wreath fitting nicely over the A in “Holland.” That circular wreath over the “U” was moved to the Journal Square PATH station.

Windelspecht responded to critics this week.

“The people writing all these hate tweets to me saying like, ‘Get off TV’ and ‘This isn’t news,’” Windelspecht said. “I agree with you 100 percent, it’s not news!”

But that didn’t appear to be the case Tuesday morning as news cameras descended on the New Jersey entrance to the tunnel to catch a glimpse of the new display.

Miguel said he was happy Port Authority is making the change.

“It’s about time they listened to the people,” he said. “It’s about time. I’m happy.”

The Port Authority called it democracy in action. We’ll see if they ask the people the next time they’re thinking about raising tolls…