Help Macy's Salute Those Who Serve This 4th of July

June 27, 2018 - 11:58 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- This Independence Day join 1010 WINS in celebrating America's birthday during the  42nd Annual Macy's 4th of July Fireworks. With more than 75,000 shells and effects, the New York City skyline will be ignited in a frenzy of color and sound with spectators watching from all over the nation.

Macy's has partnered up with three charities to support veterans and military families as part of their give back campaign, "Macy's Salutes Those Who Serve." Starting on Thursday, June 28 until Sunday, July 8, customers who donate $3 will receive a 25 percent off coupon to be used on select purchases as a thank you. All donations will go directly to Blue Star Families, Bunker Labs and Team Rubicon, three organizations that help to support and serve current members, veterans, and family of the armed forces. Through complimentary services and programs, these charities aim to make military life more sustainable for those who have sacrificed so much for the protection of our nation.

Blue Star Families is an organization that helps to support and care for military families by providing solutions to the everyday challenges military life can cause. Since its start in April of 2009, BSF has grown to include more than 150,000 members nationwide, with its programs and services reaching over 1.5 million military family members every year.

"One of the important things we try to do is get connection to our non-military neighbors who we need to know in our communities to support military families," CEO Kathy Roth-Douquet said. "We love the idea that we celebrate America by remembering the people who help keep us free and make us safe and by giving them support in the communities where they live that they need."

Each of the donations received from Macy's will stay in the community where it was donated to finance programs for caregivers, careers and family strength building for military families.

"This partnership with Macy's lets us reach out to Americans that might not know that there are actually military connected people in every zip code in America," Roth-Douque said.

We salute the men and women who defend and protect our country. #armedforcesday

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Bunker Labs is a not-for-profit organization that helps to guide military veterans in starting their own business from the idea stage to the final product.

"When they want to become entrepreneurs, veterans have a difficult transition to get in touch with a community or support system that they had when they were in the military," executive director Don Johnston said. "By contributing to the Macy's give back campaign, you are supporting Bunker Labs and our efforts to inspire, equip and connect veterans with all of our educational programing, access to resources and thriving local networks."

Team Rubicon is also an organization that benefits former members of the Armed Forces, as it employs military veterans to use their experiences and skills in the field for providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters. Through continued service, Team Rubicon provides veterans with both a purpose and an identity by utilizing their military experience to continue to help others after they leave the military.

Marc DeNofio, communications manager for the north east territory of Team Rubicon, said that Team Rubicon focuses on natural disasters and helping the most vulnerable people in the country. The organization allows veterans to continue their service in a different way, such as helping rebuild houses for those impacted by Hurricane Maria or helping bag sand for areas devastated by floods.

"These funds go directly to helping us to respond to disasters across the country," DeNofio said. "So we will use those funds to actually get our guys and our veterans out into the field to help families that are impacted by disasters across the country."

 1010 WINS is the exclusive radio station of the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. To hear the official music while watching the fireworks, make sure to tune into 1010 WINS, starting July 4 at 9 p.m.