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Vendor Advocate Calls Food Truck GPS Tracking A Threat To Immigrants

July 11, 2018 - 12:27 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- It's easy for a city health inspector to visit a restaurant, but a food truck can be a challenge because they move around.

Now, the Department of Health has a plan to make that easier.

Mohammed was getting his deli and dogs truck ready for business on 6th Ave. He said he has no problem with the city's plan to put a GPS device on his truck.

"As long as everything is in regulation, and follow the rules, it's no problem at all," he said.

A New York Post report quotes a vendor advocate who is concerned it could put immigrants at risk.

“We’re really concerned about this info falling into wrong hands given the political climate and the harsh stance that federal authorities have been taking,” said Matt Shapiro of advocacy group the Street Vendor Project. “The vast majority of vendors are immigrants.”

One vendor told the Post it feels like overreach.

"It feels more like Big Brother," Adam Disilvestro said, "So now I have to have a GPS tracker because they can't do their job?"

Ryan runs an empanada truck and isn't sure how that would be a problem.

"I don't know how that type of technology could work. If they're not registered anywhere, how do you pick them up anyway?" he said.

He said his employees are all legal.