Group displays ‘freedom from religion’ message near nativity scene

December 18, 2018 - 10:13 am

SAN DIEGO (1010 WINS) -- Everywhere you look it seems there are Christmas displays, and in certain spots you may see some anti-Christmas signs.

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Those are the work of the 'Freedom From Religion Foundation.'

Steve Trunk is a member who put up a display in San Diego's Balboa Park near a nativity scene.

"I object to the nativity stuff because I feel it's very partisan and doesn't belong on public land particularly," he said.

His sign says 'religion is a myth' and 'heaven, hell, angels, devils, and gods don't exist.'

In a statement, the group said the displays are put together to, "celebrate free-thought and to ensure representation of the growing number of secular Americans."

Trunk said it's not a war on Christmas, but a war for free speech.

"If the city is going to allow space for free expression, it has to allow space for free expression for everyone," he said.

The group also created a 'nativity' scene featuring the founding fathers, the Statue of Liberty, and the Bill of Rights.

While some in the park agreed that religious displays may not belong on public land, they weren't necessarily supportive of FFRF's display.

One guest called it 'equally egrigious.'

"This doesn't speak to our shared humanity," said Jamie Edmonds. "This speaks to polarization, division, squaring off people into different camps."

The FFRF said they believe in religious freedom, which includes the freedom not to be religious.