Godiva chocolates ... with popping candy and chili pepper? Yes, they exist and we taste-tested them

David Caplan
July 16, 2019 - 6:19 pm



NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Everyone likes -- rather, loves -- chocolate.

But what happens when you add popping candy and chili pepper?

That's exactly what Godiva has done with the release of its Chocolate Festival Gold Gift Box, which includes a Passion Chocolate (it has a "hint" of chili pepper) and a Fun Chocolate (it has popping candy in it).

1010 WINS' Walter Geis and David Caplan sampled each chocolate to see if the pairings are an unholy union:


Geis (pictured, below): "The 'Fun' truffle was definitely unique. You don’t expect such high-end chocolate to be filled with popping candy. But it doesn’t overpower or alter the flavor at all. It’s more like an odd post-chocolate bonus."

Caplan: "The presence of the popping candy in the chocolate was somewhat subtle. It wasn't until I finished eating it that I heard that classic popping candy sound in my mouth. For a change, I would have it again. You can't go wrong mixing candy and chocolate."


Geis: "The chocolate mango ganache with a hint of chili was a different story. Don’t worry if you don’t like hot and spicy food because you cannot detect the chili at all. The filling was fruity but it didn’t taste like mango. It was more like chocolate-covered ketchup!"

Caplan (pictured, below): "Meh. Bottom line? Not a fan. The chili is subtle at first. I didn't really taste it. But by the time I was finished eating it, I could taste the chili pepper. I would pass on this in the future. I don't think these two should mix."

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