An unattended package.


Feds Join Search For Package Bomber Targeting Austin

March 13, 2018 - 10:11 am

AUSTIN, TX (1010 WINS) -- A manhunt is underway in Texas for whoever has been planting exploding package bombs in Austin.

The FBI and ATF have joined Austin Police in their search, but authorities have also asked the public to help.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told residents not to be overly alarmed, but to remain vigilant.

"For any residents that have these suspicious packages; under no circumstances should you touch them, move them, or handle them in any way. But instead make that call and then if you can exit your residence or go to the back of your residence until that time that we can be there and deem them safe," he said.

The first package explosion killed a man on March 2. Two separate blasts killed a teenager and critically injured an elderly woman.

Police said the motive could be hate. All of the victims have been either black or Hispanic.

The South By Southwest festivals are underway in Austin, but the explosions were not in the immediate vicinity.