Trudy Bermudez, Tayreen Bonilla


FDNY First Responders Get Engaged At NYC Pride March

June 24, 2018 - 6:09 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- A crowd cheered Sunday as two FDNY EMS first responders got engaged at the New York City Pride March.

The couple helped save a man’s life last year.

The FDNY said on Facebook that EMT Trudy Bermudez and Paramedic Tayreen Bonilla, of Station 43, got engaged at the Pride March.

Photos showed the women embracing on Seventh Avenue near Christopher Street as a crowd of onlookers waved rainbow Pride flags.

Last year, Bermudez and Bonilla helped save the life of Ken Taskent, an auxiliary NYPD officer from the 61st Precinct in Brooklyn, when he had a seizure at a classic car event, according to the FDNY.

"There are not enough words I can say. I thank God these crews were there because now I have a second chance at life. I am an Auxiliary Police Officer at the 61st Precinct, so I work with the FDNY a lot. I always make it a point to thank them for what they do and I want them to know how I truly appreciate the work that they do,” says Ken Taskent, who was at a classic car event in Brooklyn when he had a seizure, stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully for him, retired FDNY EMT Joey Rodriguez and FDNY Community Liaison Richard Velez are also classic car enthusiasts, and were at the same event. They recognized the severity of Mr. Taskent’s condition, began CPR, and called for additional FDNY members to help save his life. Paramedics, EMTs and the Captain of #Station43 were on scene in minutes and together these seven men and women worked as one and used all of their training to restore their patient’s circulation and get him to the hospital. Today, May 22, Mr. Taskent will reunite with the first responders who saved his life at the #FDNY Second Chance Ceremony in Brooklyn. #EMSWeek

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Taskent stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest, and Bermudez and Bonilla were among several FDNY members who stepped in to save his life, the FDNY said.