FDNY EMS Station 57 mascot 'Killer' the cat has cancer

Susan Richard
March 19, 2019 - 1:11 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS)  She's got more than 44-thousand followers on instagram, and now fans are coming to the aid of a beloved mascot.

UPDATE as of 3-22-19 from Killer's caretaker! Meds are prescribed and surgery is planned:

Here is an old photo of Killer that I love but could never think of a good enough caption worthy of that precious expression. I just wanted to give you all an update on her. We spoke to to her oncologist about the test results and Killer is going to be started on a drug called Palladia which will hopefully shrink the tumor. We are also going to most likely have a splenectomy done in the near future but Palladia for right now. I've decided against bringing Killer back to the station for now because it's easier to manage her medication schedule in one place and it will be easier to judge reactions to the medicine (vomiting etc). She seems pretty comfortable at my house and doesn't pay any mind to my other cats at all. (My cats are curious about her but kind of keep their distance). I know she probably does miss everyone at the station and I do hope to bring her back, at least for extended visits, once our routine and her condition are more stabilized. Killers personality is the same. (She fights me pretty well trying to squeeze medicine in her mouth) and she is eating, but not enough, imo. I'm trying all your suggestions (too many of them to list!) and I'm determined to pack on the poundage that made Killer such an adorable chunk of a cat.

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KIller the cat showed up several years ago at the FDNY/EMS Station 57 in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.  Being a cat, she did what all cats do, which is make themselves comfortable, taking a snooze in their gear rack.  The humans, being the generous New Yorkers they are, started to feed her and pretty quickly this friendly stray took over the place and won the hearts of everyone there.  In exchange, she brought her people presents -- in the form of dead rodents -- and that's how she earned her name: Killer.

Thanks to an Instagram page, with some pretty hilarious commentary, Killer now has throngs of social media fans.  On March 14th, however, they learned the sad news that Killer has a cancerous tumor on her spleen.  She was vomiting more than cats usually do, caretaker Nancy Gwillym told 1010 WINS, and so they took her to the Vet. "I wasn't expecting this kind of diagnosis" said Gwillym. "She was doing all the normal things that she does except for the vomiting, and to find out that she's got this malignant tumor, that really threw us for a loop."

Gwillym says they're consulting with a Veterinary Oncologist to see what, if any treatment, is possible.  In the meantime, she says they're committed to keeping Killer happy, comfortable and strong for as long as possible.

She also expressed thanks to those who've donated to a GoFundMe campaign, which as of Tuesday, March 19th, had raised nearly $6,000. "To know this little cat has touched the lives of so many really warmed my heart," says Gwillym. "They're such a nice group of people that have been following her for a long time.  It's like we're all together in this."

The fundraiser will pay for medical expenses, with any leftover funds donated to animal cancer foundations and charities centered around feral cats. Learn more at GoFundMe.com/Killers-Cancer-Fight.  


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